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  5. "I have few friends."

"I have few friends."

Translation:Jeg har få venner.

January 10, 2015



That's really sad...


But how do you tell the difference between "I've got friends" and "I have few friends" ? As both uses "få". Thank you!


"I have got friends" is "jeg har venner"
"I have few friends" is "jeg har få venner"
"I have got(ten) friends" is "jeg har fået venner" but I can't make that sound right in my head in either language

I would imagine the phrase "have got" is something that only exists in English ( when it is synonymous with "to have", and definitely doesn't exist in Danish so when "have got" can be replaced by "have", just use the appropriate form of "at have" in Danish

If you are using the past participle of "have got(ten)" then use "har fået" (present perfect tense shown)


What happened to 'færre' , where did få come from??


'Færre' is the comparative of 'få'. få = few; færre = fewer


I have few friends (seems unfortunate) I have a few friends (seems happier)

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