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Do you guys use the duolingo app, duolingo website or both?

Hi guys!

Now that English-Swedish users are able to use the duolingo app to study, I have a question; Am I able to solely use the app to the same effect, or should I continue to use the website alongside it? I've not been a user for long enough to know if there are any differences between the lessons on the app and the website, and the fact that my lesson completion has tripled in the last few days since using the app (despite using it for the same amount of time as I would have used the website) is making me a bit wary that maybe it's a more concise version with less depth..?

So what do you say, is the overall speed and convenience of the app just making me paranoid? :D

January 10, 2015



Unfortunately, you can't access the Tips & Notes that are at the beginning of many skills from your phone. We spent a lot of time and energy on some of those, so we think you should try to read them. ;)


Up until recently I had always used the app, and never knew those Notes existed. Reading them before starting a new lesson make a huge difference in my experience.


Yeah, I can relate to that; when I first started using duolingo, I completely neglected to read them and just dove straight into the lessons.. Needless to say, my language learning experience has been a lot more fulfilling since I started utilising them beforehand!


I mostly use the app, as my Internet connection is pretty terrible. But when I am able to access the website, I prefer it. I like being able to select discuss this sentence when I'm studying/reviewing.


I use both. I feel like the app is easier as it is supposedly used on a mobile device where you are on the move. I do advance quicker with the app. Through a few quick glances, I've noticed the app has fewer lessons. For example, one skill has 5 lessons on the website whereas the app will have 4. I still use both, because the app is convenient while the website is for when I have a little more attention to devote to the finer details.

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Just the website. It takes forever to write sentences on a phone.


That's true, I never considered the discussions! I find the app easier as I don't have a laptop, so if I use the website then it's only ever through the browser on my iPhone anyway.


I use the app for doing the exercises as I can do them whenever I'm bored checking Facebook or Whatsapp :P But whenever I feel like I can't make sense of some words or sentences, I use the website. The tips, notes and discussions can be really helpful!


I mostly do the website version because I like to do immersion and disscussion. I do occasionally use the app to help with actually learning the language.

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