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"Vad brukar ni göra kvällarna?"

Translation:What do you usually do in the evenings?

January 10, 2015



Is the plural "kvällarna" required here even with "brukar"? In English, the "usually" implies a habitual routine so "in the evening" is effectively understood as equivalent to "in the evenings": does Swedish work similarly or differently?


Swedish works similarly. You can say Vad brukar ni göra på kvällen and it would mean the same thing.


Thanks for the clarification. I have been wondering about this in other sentences. I always get them wrong because it is not natural to use the plural when referring to the date/time of a recurring action. Now the question is, are there exceptions?


Why is "what do you usually do in the evening" marked as wrong then?


Shouldn't "What do you normally do in the evenings?" also be accepted?

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