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  5. "One animal, several animals"

"One animal, several animals"

Translation:Ett djur, flera djur

January 10, 2015



This ett and en is driving me crazy..


Ett word ending in consonant has -en ending for plural? So, "flera djuren"? Is djur an exception to the rule or (more likely) I misunderstand the rule?
tack så mycket!


I think you mix it up with the definite plural form. Normally, the ett-words that end with a consontant don't change i plural, so "ett djur - flera djur" follows the rule. But
the animal = djuret, and
the animals = djuren


I seem to be stuck in the program...it doesn't go to the next question....what to do?


Mobile: Delete the DL app, re-install the app, and re-start it afterwards. / Desktop (Win): Delete the browser history incl. cookies, and re-start your browser. / It could then work again properly. Otherwise, please report the problem as a discussion on the troubleshooting site as follows: https://www.duolingo.com/topic/908


Is there a reason why here flera is translated as "several animals" and in another question "more elephants", and the answer "many elephants" is marked as incorrect?


Shouldn't Flera be Fler?


"Flera" can be used in different ways and sometimes it works to replace it with "fler". When it means many like above, it should always be "flera" though.

For comparison, both work fine:

Jag har fler böcker än du (Jag har flera böcker än du) = I have more books than you.
I prefer "fler" in this sentence.


I know that animal is djur but why is ANIMALS also djur. I dont get! Is like a typo or somthing? Please help me @Cheetahfrog


In Swedish, "ett" words are usually the same for singular and plural (ett barn, flera barn / ett djur, flera djur). It's the same for a number of English words like sheep, fish, moose etc. They are the same for singular and plural. I ate a fish. I caught 3 fish. I saw 6 sheep today.


How come en djur is incorrecr, why would we use ett instead of en ?


Because the article for "animal" is ett, not en.

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