"Elefanterne har kaldt på hinanden."

Translation:The elephants have called for each other.

3 years ago


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I think 'call on' should be considered correct.

3 years ago


Why does the hint say 'har på' means 'to wear' when it means 'have called for' in this sentence? Surely that should be changed. I know it makes no sense, but many sentences in Duolingo are a little quirky, so it would help if the hints were correct! Thank you!

2 years ago

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Unfortunately for us, the hints are carried over for each word or word pairing. So as soon as we add "har på = wears" the system then shows this for every sentence containing "har" and "" and for some reason the multi-word hints always stay at the top. But fixing it here means that we would lose this hint for when it is correct.

2 years ago


Why is the "har" bit yelled so much here?

1 year ago
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