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"Hvornår begyndte I med maden?"

Translation:When did you begin with the food?

January 10, 2015



This sentence doesn't make much sense in English. What is it trying to express?


I've always heard this expressed in place of, "When did you start cooking?"


i actually think it means "when did you start eating"


I asked a native speaker and they confirmed, it's about food preparation.


That it not something you would say in english. What is it spossed to mean? when did you begin to prepare the food or when did you begin to eat


Or perhaps started to make a career in food.


This terrible sentence still seems to be around. I guess it means something in Danish, that they're trying to teach us how to say, but there should be a better way of doing so. Perhaps it should be moved to the danish culture section.


Begin with the food? Begin eating? Begin cooking? Begin laying out ingredients? Begin planning a meal? Just what is this sentence trying to convey?


I agree - it's ridiculous!


This sentence in the english version sounds as if you are asking a pub owner that has just started serving food as well as drinks when they started doing food to which they might answer we started to do it last year or something. What I think it is meant to be saying in Danish is when did you start either making or eating the food but I am not sure which. Also why cannot start and begin be interchangeable?


Yes, I agree - that's the only context it would make sense! I don't understand what the Danish means!

[deactivated user]

    In the audio, I find it almost impossible to hear the difference between begyndte and begynder. Is there a difference?

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