"Lei ha fame?"

Translation:Is she hungry?

July 26, 2013

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Hmm I never bash Duolingo since they've done amazing job, but this time the pronounciation feels waaay awkward. I keep hitting the repeat button but all I hear is: Lei "meh" a fame. Maybe I'm alone in this particular one because no one else have commented about it.


I heard "lei mia fame" ... I'm reporting it!


I heard 'Lei mia fame' which makes no sense... the slowed down version is fine though


I've heard the same, actually. The way that I remember hearing it in Italy is without the "meh" (I remember hearing "a/ai fame?"), so let's just attribute this one to a glitch!


i actually agree with you the pronunciation does sound like lei 'meh' a fame. and how does Duolingo come up with 'ha' for 'meh'


And yet it won't accept "she has hunger?"


That's awkward English.


Ciao mc_chris: That is because it is translated "Is she hungry?" We English speakers would not say "she has hunger".


I translated it that way. "She has hunger?" is probably not a common phrase, but it's not improper English.


Oh I see, so 'She is hungry' is just literally 'she has hunger?'


Yes :) I remember being confused when I learned this in my Spanish class, because they construct it the same way in Spanish.


Interesting that it could be both 'She is hungry?' and 'Is she hungry?'


well depends on the "?" sign


Ciao Karmaria: It is a question, so "Is she hungry?" is correct.


SHE IS HUNGRY OR SHE HAS HUNGER? Woah please help me. Because if it was she is hungry it would have said lei e fame


"Fame" means "hunger". Saying "she is hunger" would be pretty unflattering. You could say "È affamata" for "she is hungry."


No, the way Italians say "She is hungry." "Lei ha fame." That's the way it goes. Eventually, we'll get used to the idea that other languages have other means.


All this talk of bistecca, marmalata, torta, biscotti al ciocolatto... No wonder "she is hungry/has hunger"


So many have issues with the pronunciation but have you reported it? Reporting problems gets them changed. This is not the venue.


I disagree that pronunciation issues should not be discussed here. DL often does take quite a time to respond (it's good that it does eventually respond) and people should be able to exchange issues and hopefully help others to cope with problems in time before DL responds. The level of comments could also help DL to assess the reaction of users to some issues.

I do agree that people should report issues and it would be helpful if they could tell us they've reported and thus avoid overloading DL, although when DL does take a while to respond, multiple reports might help.


I did not mean to imply that we should not discuss problems, I'm firmly in favor of exchanging ideas, I was merely pointing out that we should also use the official means to get things changed. Of course I agree that the more reports there are the higher the chances of getting things corrected.


I'm fine with that :)


And how do you say in italian "she has hunger?".


Okay, so I know that in French it's "j'ai peur" which means "I have fear" and it's the same in Italian I guess. The wording is VERY awkward but it makes sense later on.


hmm.. 'ha' mean has so why is the answer is she hungry

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