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Dutch Immersion

Hey, thank you for the awesome course.

Is there any news on when we can expect the Immersion feature to be introduced?

January 10, 2015



Duolingo is currently experiencing some legal troubles with Immersion in Europe, so it might not be added until that is all sorted out. Nobody knows.


I'd never use it, even though I wish I could. I find immersion SO annoying! People change correct stuff to incorrect stuff, and then the translations everyone upvotes are just wrong! I mean, sure, it's a good learning tool, but do you expect someone who only knows German present tense and accusative to be able to translate anything other than "Ich bin [adjektiv]"?

Gaah, it makes me so angry. I feel like I'm just correcting someone's writing where every sentences is wrong. I wanna work on my own documents lol. >_<


You can. You just upload an article, then click "delete", it doesn't delete it completely from Duolingo just from public view. That's what I do with immersion on the English for Dutch speakers course so I can translate without stepping on everyone else's toes. Then just click re-activate on the article when you're done translating to get it checked by other users :)


Oh cool thanks! :D

Do you think it would be helpful to me to do immersion on the English from Dutch? It's basically same as Dutch from English would be, right?


BTW if you're doing immersion (with or without the "delete" trick) and you would like me to check your Dutch and give a bit explanation on mistakes, feel free to send me a message with the URL of your article. If you send the URL, you don't need to re-activate it.


Think I may take you up on this offer eventually if that's okay :) I've been translating an article about London into Dutch and it'd be nice to have an active native on here to run through it ^_^


Sure, feel free to contact me.


Yes I recommend it :) I recommend searching the simple version of Wiki for English articles to translate into Dutch as a starting point ^_^

EDIT: Here is a link to it http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page :)


I think it's coming in the near future, when Dutch is no longer in beta. But, you can change your language to Dutch - English, that has an immersion feature.


Can someone please explain what Immersion is. I hear about it often and yet have no idea. Is there a way I can find out about it?


It is where you upload articles, either in your speaking language or target language, and translate them into the other language for xp and translation practise.

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