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Timed Rounds too Fast!!

My problem is that I can't type fast enough to complete the timed rounds (and I'm not particularly slow...). This is really frustrating and I end up testing out of the level. The REALLY annoying part is that my husban, who is a slower typer gets to pass even when he hasn't completed all the questions but I don't. What's going on??

November 9, 2012



The longer sentences mean I run out of time even though my typing speed is good. It is discouraging. Couldn't the time vary with the difficulty of the practice lesson? Multiple choices are quick, typed sentences which require accents are not.


Make sure you are using the keyboard shortcuts! You should never have to use your mouse at all during a test. Learn how to type accents on your keyboard (it's different on Windows and Mac, look at http://tlt.its.psu.edu/suggestions/international/accents/index.html), use the up and down arrows to select from pull-downs (or just type the answer, it will select it for you as you type), use numbers to select check-boxes (and just type the number again to un-check if you make a mistake), hit Enter once to submit and Enter again to move quickly past the feedback!

If nothing else, the timed tests will also improve your typing skills...

Edit: Wait a mo.... I just got to level 10, and is it just me or has the timed test just gotten a lot harder? I'm now starting with 0:30, and each correct answer just gives me an additional 0:05. Was it always like that? Not sure whether it used to be longer, or if the sentences are just that much harder, but for the first time it actually took me three tries to complete the test. Hmmmmm......


It used to be 2 minutes with no bonus time for correct answers. I think it should still start at 2 minutes and add bonus time for correct answers!


I totally agree, the bonus rounds are almost impossible. I am learning German, my wife is a native speaker and pretty decent typist and she can't complete the bonus rounds in time. I love the site but find these SO frustrating.


The timed test doesn't help you 'learn' or 'master' a skill. It delivers you points and word strength.

If you succeed to answer 10 out of 20 questions before you run out of time, you get 10 out of 20 point. After that you just practice again, to gain 10 more points, before you run out of time again.

You could also choose to practice without timer.


it's stupid. I just spent a half an hour and earned no points, passed no levels and am stuck where I was before I started. i'm using the keyboard shortcuts and I'm a fairly quick typist. I give up.


Did you try to practice without timer?


What good does that do. Just makes you tireder. I know the answers.


And the pictures don't make sense. You have to stop and try and figure out what the heck they are. Pictures of eggs are really breakfast; a bunch of people are supposed to be professors.


The English word is always present above the pictures. (I'm not sure what your actual problem with the timer is.)


Thanks. hadn't noticed the words there


After my initial whine, I discovered I still get credit for the review if I click the untimed mode and it's much less stressful! Of course, I've also discovered the joys of doing Duolingo on my iPhone. I can record answers in German and English, saving lots of typing, and there are never timed tests! :-) Harder to do the real world translations, but easier to do the lessons and reviews.

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