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"We have waited a long time, but he has not come."

Translation:Wij hebben een lange tijd gewacht, maar hij is niet gekomen.

3 years ago


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Just a general complaint but i think a sentence this long should somehow only partially penalize when you confuse only one word like 'is'. Any language exam i have taken would have done so since there are multiple things that can be graded for in this sentence.

3 years ago


It is particularly difficult for dyslexic people to see the difference.

1 year ago


I would in general agree especially if you translate back to English (or what ever language) and you make an english gamma-mistake like "he run" (without "-s").. But in this case, as Raahiba says, the 'is' is rather important for the past present.

2 years ago

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It is frustrating, but then it's always gekomen zijn - if Duo let it pass here you might not learn that.

3 years ago


Wij wachtte een lange tijd, maar hij kwam niet.

8 months ago