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i am amazed

i would never consider learning a new language after English and Russian but when my friend told me about this site i decided to give a try, 3 months have passed since those days and im impressed how good it works for me to learn Spanish , i already started italian and will be learning many others here too..

January 10, 2015



I am starting to think I might be able to learn Spanish at 72. I love duo lingo.


Good luck with your learning :)


Me too! I'm getting addicted to this.


I'm glad you like it!


A belated welcome! You have so many languages you're studying! Is it hard to keep them separated? I find I have to concentrate on Portuguese so Spanish doesn't creep in!


thanks..i pay less attention to some langauges while giving priority to Spanish and Italian, besides i learn languages very fast so it is not hard for me at all..


No, it's not hard... But you have to think them sepparately or you will drive mad xD

What I do everytime I switch to other language course, is to think "I am switching to [language]", in that language, for example "I am switching to Deutsch" or "I am switching to Italiano", etc. That way I don't mess up words or anything like that. It's like I say myself, "Now, put Deutsch on a side, and bring Italiano".

And I also try to go in different "rhythms", for example, I do approximately 200 or 300 daily XP in english three or sometimes four times a week, then do (if I can) one italian lesson per day, and finally, I learn 1 german lesson every 2 or 3 days...

But yes, Portuguese and Spanish are really similar, so I think it's hard to not confuse them. I just don't confuse them because I'm a native spanish speaker, lol.


Congratulations! I love hearing people excited about language learning. I came on here to brush up on my Spanish, but I couldn't stop there and am learning Italian and Portuguese as well. Good luck on your future language learning. :)


Duolingo,. spawning a whole new generation of hyper polyglots. :D


Yes!! Totally agree!! And spawning a lot of esperanto speakers soon!! Zamenhof will be amazed xD


Oh my god... I cannot wait for Esperanto!

I have had a lot of trouble deciding which language to undertake next, after Spanish. I think that Esperanto would be a perfect choice, as it is progressing very quickly in the incubator and many people here are recommending it.

Also, I hear it is rather easy to learn, meaning I could probably learn the language in weeks or months, as opposed to years.


Jes, esperanto estas tre facile de lerni. Mi lernis iom esperanto en nur unu tago! (Translate it if you don't understand). Kio mi scias estos unu bone bazo por lernos en la kurso de Duolingo. Mi ankaux havas multaj eraroj...


This sounds like a fun language to learn. I see some French, German, and Spanish, and wonder how to pronounce these words.


Belated welcome! Good luck with your learning! :D


I never considered learning a new language after Chinese, English, Korean, etc. either, but then, like u, I tried duolingo and it has helped me in Spanish so much! :)


wow I hear chinese and korean are very hard to study, i guess you have spent lots of time to learn :)


Yeah! Chinese is super hard 4 me, and Korean is a bit tricky, but not as hard as Chinese. Spanish is nothing compared to Chinese though. I am starting Japanese and it is pretty difficult, but again, not like Chinese. :D


That's fantastic @EdwinHakobyan

It's great that this is a free service that offers so much. Learning a new language could mean talking to family for the first time or being able to move to a different country. It amazes me how great this is, and I would like for everyone to have access to this website so it changes them how it has (and still is) changing me.


¬°Buena suerte con tus estudios, Edwin! :)


I just saw this post. I am so glad I inspired you to learn Spanish and you ran with it. Your current 53 day streak is amazing! Keep up the great work.


thank you a lot. i have a goal to have longer day streak and not to have day without studying.


You're welcome. I wish you the best of luck.


wow you must be learning alot of languages!


when it was still 2014, i said myself ,, Ed, Im going to learn at least two new languages by the end of 2015,,


It's a great choice for a new year's resolution! ;) good luck with your studying! :D


oh yes thanks for good wishes :D i hope i can


Sure you can! I think Churchill once said that The only difference between a dream and a project is a date! you have the date, so you are half way there! ;)


i never heard of this quote but i must say Churchill said very wise thing :) besides i think a language is a spirit of a nation, so learning every new one gives a new mentality, expanding knowledge about people so it should be done :)


Well then... If you need any help with Italian or you wanna practice it or you just wanna have a chat, let me know! ;)


ok thanks, i appreciate your help :) i will definitely let you know :)


me gusta nino manzana .... wha did i say


I am new to this so if you have any reccomendations for me, please give them!


Hi AubrilsMe! Welcome to Duolingo! Here are the two resources I like to recommend to new users: Website Guidelines and The WIKI. I hope these help! ^_^


wow that's cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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