"Katterna är vita."

Translation:The cats are white.

January 10, 2015

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What's the rule with ending the colour words, e.g. vitt or vita?


Well, possessive endings change for en words, ett words, or plural. It looks like color works the same way. En words would be vit, ett words vitt, and plurals (in this case, the cats) would be vita?


Thanks for the explanation. I was a bit confused too


Each color can have different rules for how they are used for common/neuter/plural/definite. I highly recommend googling a chart and memorizing it.


My phone autocorrected my 'are' to 'är'. Silly loss of a heart.


Sounds lile “katten är vita” indeed. Is it supposed to be like that?


I agree with you. This keeps coming up in my practices and EVERY time i fall for it and think it sounds like Katten.


PS - and, despite knowing Vita is plural, I still fall for it and go with my ears. Must engage brain.


I'm surprised this doesn't need the "de" in front of the sentence. I would expect "De katterna är vita" as the -na indicates a definitive. Can someone please enlighten me?


Maybe I haven't understood your question correctly but here goes... In Swedish, the words' ending determine if they are in singular form (definite or not) or plural form (definite or not) as such: en kat literally equals to: a cat katten literally equals to: the cat katter literally equals to: cats katterna literally equals to: the cats

When you translate the sentece: "Katterna är vita" will literally translate to "The cats are white" so there would no need fo anything before "katterna" because the word itself translates to "the cat".

Alos "de" read as "dom" is the pronoun "they", so if we would have done what you suggested we would have something like this when translate: They the cats are white


That would be "Those cats are white".


on the fast audio the end of katterna is dropped and the audio says "Katten är vita".

Is this a TRICK sentence in that we dummoes should deduce that the plural "vita" determines what the slurred CAT word really is? (All words are pronounced in the slow audio)


I heard “katterna vita”, is är supposed to get lost?


No the är is in there, it just blends with katterna when you speak quickly.


I heard it as "katten är vita". Is this how spoken swedish really sounds? I only knew from the grammar that what I heard doesn't make sense. The slow playback revealed that the first word is katterna.


So är was red but I passed. What was wrong with my pronunciation of är? And if I dont get it right in 3 trys, then have me say just the 1 word until I get that right. Then repeat the full sentence.

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