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  5. "They write while I sleep."

"They write while I sleep."

Translation:Zij schrijven terwijl ik slaap.

January 10, 2015



Why not terwijl slaap ik? I though the verb was pushed to the end in prepositional phrases


Yes, exactly. The verb ("slaap") must come at the end of the clause.


There's no prep. phrase here.

The verb is placed at the end of subordinate clauses.

Hope this helps. (There should be an acronym for that, btw, sth like 'hth').


Why is "tijdens" not accepted in place of "terwijl"?


"Tijdens" is preposition (usually translated as 'during'), while "terwijl" is a conjunction. So after "tijdens", you must have a noun, not a subordinate clause. For example:

  • Ik zing tijdens het lopen - I sing while walking

Here "lopen" is used as a gerund, something that you'll encounter much later in the tree.

In this sentence you need to use a subordinate clause, because the person writing and the person sleeping are not the same. So it must be "terwijl".


It reminds me of Mortle.


Why " al ik slaap" is not acceptable? "While" has two words - "al" and "terwijl", so why "al" is not a good answer??

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