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hej hur är det

January 10, 2015



Hej. Jag är bra, tack. Jag äter frukost och dricker kaffe med mjölk. Jag vill gå springa i dag. Det är lördag och jag arbetar inte. Vad vill göra du i dag?

(Apologies for all mistakes, gentle corrections welcome.)


Some correctionsː

  • Jag mår bra, tack. When talking about how you feel, you always use and not vara.

  • Jag vill gå (ut) och springa idag. Most verbs used like this require that you use och, except when for example ska or vilja is the first verb. Ut is optional, but using it makes it clearer that you mean "I want to go running today" instead of "I want to walk and run today".


Tack! Is there another way to say "I want to go running" rather than "I want to 'walk' run"?


Actually, one reason I replied to this was because even as a native speaker, I find it a bit awkward to describe the fact that I'm going out for a run. None of the ways are very elegant. If I were to say that I want to go running today, my default would probably be jag vill ut och springa idag eller jag vill ta en springtur/löptur/löprunda idag. When I'm just about to go out running, though, I'd probably say jag sticker ut och springer. This is just what I say though; of course there are numerous other ways to say it.

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