Updating Bug

I am being credited with a day's 'work' before I do anything for the past few days. I have tried this with both Chrome and Firefox and the same thing happens. I actually do what I think may be legit but cannot be sure since the day credit shows up immediately. On a related and possibly connected topic, my tree has not aged at all in a few days. That is rare as well. In addition, a few days ago I received a single system squawk that said something like 'we cannot connect your history data'. I do not want to be reset to beginner status nor lose credits for the work I have done over the past year. Help.......

January 10, 2015


I don't know about the other things but the ageing of your tree is dependant on the average word strength of the words in each skill. The stronger those words are the longer it takes to loose its goldness.

I am currently redoing my tree so that i do not move on until I have passed all lessons twice with full hearts (yes I still have hearts on the iOS app). This seems to strengthen the words very well and I haven't had to re-gold them for several months.

Thanks for the comments on the tree. I like the tree to demand refreshing occasionally. The days fault seemed to clear this morning but was really disturbing. It will now operate normally it appears. I think it had to be a server bug, and the way it acted, probably previously patched - just not very well.

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