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Trivia Crack in foreign languages

So I'm sure by now most of you are familiar with the game Trivia Crack. Well, I started playing Trivia Crack in English and it got WAY too easy. In my first 50 games, I went 48-2. So I decided to handicap myself by playing games in other languages, particularly Spanish. I highly recommend doing this. Not just to get comfortable with reading in another language, but to learn more complicated words (especially in the science category) that you would not otherwise come across. You will have some trouble, because a lot of the questions are inherently directed at native speakers. But it is worth it.

January 10, 2015



Oh my. I just finished a game in Spanish today. Great minds think alike!


OK cool! great idea....i'll try it! :D


how can you change language?

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Here is a discussion on changing language you might like to check out.


I REALLY want to play Trivia Crack but I have no friends in real life so nobody will play with me. I was going to play it in German until I realized I have no friends.

Does anyone know if I can play against random people? Or do I need to have them added as a friend or something?


Oh, sure. All my friends are terrible at Trivia Crack, so I just play against random people.


I do that too. I played my first game in English and then realized I could change languages so I made all my friends start playing French games with me. I even did a bit of Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese. It's like a double edged sword of education. On one hand you learn trivia, on the other you learn a new language.


I've been doing the same, and it has really helped me.

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