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  5. "She made me tea."

"She made me tea."

Translation:Hun lavede te til mig.

January 10, 2015



Never realized how odd, "She made me tea" is as an english sentence. Gramatically I can see why the "Hun lavede te til mig" is correct. Would Danes in conversation understand if someone said "Hun lavede mig te" or ville jeg ligne en idiot?


Du ville ikke ligne en idiot. "Hun lavede mig te" is also correct Danish. I can't beleave this game makes me suck in my own language.


I wrote it that way but Duo marked it as wrong.


"Hun lavede mig te" still marked wrong august 2020


Why is "Hun lavede til mig te" wrong? Also, I see that Danes in other comments accept "Hun lavede mig te" which was marked wrong for me previously.

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