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  5. "Österrike ligger i Europa."

"Österrike ligger i Europa."

Translation:Austria is in Europe.

January 10, 2015



It sounds like the German "Österreich liegt in Europa", literally translated: "Austria lies in Europe". But as it refers to the geographical location, it can be translated as "is in" or "is located in".


You can use the expression 'lies in' in English as well though really, it is just out of fashion at the moment.


Wait.... why do Swedes refer to Austria as 'east'?


We just borrowed the word from German and Swedified it a little. It's Österreich in German, and by the way the English name of Austria is etymologically referring to the east as well. :)


I see that some countries end up to en such as Italien, Spanien and some others end up to Ke such as Österrike or Frankrike. is there a rule here?


In german we call them Österreich and Frankreich, reich means empire.


rike means kingdom-realm , so same as German

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