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Using app changed my Coach goal

I usually use the website, and have my goal set to 1xp. Today I logged into the Android version of the app, and found that my goal was auto-changed to 20xp, and still 20xp when I later logged on to the website.

January 11, 2015



Yeah I have this too, probably because the app doesn't have the 1XP goal setting, so it switches you to the default, which is 20XP. When you come on the web, the web assumes that you changed it yourself.


I saw that the app doesn't have 1xp, but I thought that it should switch me — if it must; this was the second time I used the app recently and the other time did not mess with my goal so it shouldn't now — to 10xp, which is the lowest app goal.

It's not like 20xp is a challenge, or hard to change back, but it's still troublesome and I prefer a weekly goal to daily. (For that reason, I find the new School Dashboard wonderful.)


Change it back to 1XP on the web site.


Done, but I shouldn't have to.

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