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Leaderboard is not language specific.

The score shown is actually the maximum obtained across all languages being learned by each person.

November 9, 2012



It'd be better if it'd show the points of each language apart or the sum of all the languages together. (For easy comparing, I think the first option is best, but the second one seems more fair to me.)


It used to only show each user's highest amount of points (neverminding what language that was in), so it's an improvement already. :)


I don't like the new layout. I can no longer compare my friends for a specific language and I can no longer see my weekly progress and my overall progress in a single view. What's the point of these changes?


Agreed. I think it should be language-specific.


@ SuzyStudySpanish - I don't agree. I was top of my Friends leaderboard until a few days ago. Suddenly, one of my friends, who is also studying German and Spanish has twice as many skill points and is now top of my leaderboard (not that I care much).

Also, I've noticed if you hover over the coins, you get a breakdown of the skill points for each language.


@ 1km - But what if it'd had been the other way around? If you had been your friend and your friend had been you? (Good. ^^)

Oh! I hadn't noticed that myself yet.. Well, in that case, you can still easily compare your points for each language separately, or all together, however you please. :3


I agree that it should be language specific. It is very annoying to have to hover over names to work out the correct ranking.

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