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  5. "She has no dog."

"She has no dog."

Translation:Hon har ingen hund.

January 11, 2015



When is it Inga, ingen?


It is ingen because "hund" is an "en-word" I think.


Yes and inga is for plurals


That's right, and "inget" for "ett-words"


Why is it ingen rather than inte?


no = ingen/inget/inga
not = inte


it says "Hon har inte nån hund" when I make a mistake. I assume it is one of the possible options here? If so, does having two translations mean that one of them can be used when I specifically want to refer to the dog as fellow kin?


inte någon, or with a very informal spelling, inte nån means 'not any' in English. Now, in English it isn't idiomatic to say "she doesn't have any dog", so you'd just say a dog instead, but in Swedish, hon har inte någon hund is perfectly natural. In the plural, it works the same again: hon har inte några hundar is she doesn't have any dogs.


This sentence reminds me of the poor English spoken in more rural areas of the country. "She has no dog" is very bad English and doesn't even sound good, let alone correct. In English it would be "She doesn't have a dog." Hmn .... wondering if it could be stated in Swedish as: "Hon har inte en hund."


difference between nej and inga,ingen and inget?

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