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Swedish Quizlet Flashcards

Hey, so since Strengthen Skills is kind of broken right now I'm putting the class material in flashcard form on Quizlet.

Feel free to add on to the sets and correct any mistakes I made, but try to keep it in the format I have for now, unless it's a non-vocab lesson like plurals or something (one flash card for each of the four declensions of each vocab word)

Here's the link: http://quizlet.com/class/1389261/

January 11, 2015



Thank you very much for this!!!


Wow. That thing is great. Thanks for making it!


I actually feel kinda bad because I discovered Memrise like the day after which is a much better platform and already has all this vocabulary in flashcards. My bad on that. So Ive kind of abandoned this lol.

But I mean, Quizlet isnt a bad platform. Memrise is just better for maintaining a schedule, like Duolingo does. I might still come back to the Quizlet eventually.


I didn't know that one. It looks nice, but quizlet has an easy interface and doesn't require a membership. Both of those things carry a lot of weight with me.

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