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  5. "Drengen elsker markedet."

"Drengen elsker markedet."

Translation:The boy loves the fair.

January 11, 2015



Markets and fairs are two different things.


Yep. But they are but the are both called "marked" i danish


If they are the same word then both "fair" and "market" should be accepted as correct... :-/


I was going to say the exact same thing

[deactivated user]

    Interesting remark. Fairs and Markets overlap in function. Sometimes we talk of trade fairs, and of course what I call a market is where I buy food.


    Are "likes" and "loves" two different words in danish as well?


    Yes. See my answer below.


    In denish you can say: I love apples = jeg elsker æbler but you can also say jeg kan godt lide æbler. But when you use the word elsker, it like I really like apples.


    Since "likes" wasn't accepted, how would you say "The boy likes the fair" rather than "The boy loves the fair"?


    "Drengen kan godt lide markedet".


    What's the difference between torv and marked?


    I may be wrong but the Danish meaning invoked a traitional idea of market and fair together as would have occured in the UK in previous centuries and i suppose still occurs a little in the form of a village fete. So I used the word 'fayre' as it seemed closest to the traditional Danish meaning. Computer said no (Not surprising as it isn't in every dictionary, but nethertheless we are interested in languages here arent we?).

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