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There should be a "Practiced Today" checkbox

Sometimes I don't remember if i've practiced or not, and it's super disappointing for that to be the reason a streak ends.

July 27, 2013



You can see this is you go to your home page, and click weekly progress, if the bar for the current day isn't filled at all, you haven't done any practice, else, if it has something filled, you have practiced today :)


I lost my 50 plus day streak because I was using my iphone app. And, I couldn't tell whether I'd studied that day or not on my iphone. (I thought I'd already studied.) So, it would be nice if Duolingo had some way to indicate this on the apps.


True, I tend to use the computer version every day at the end of the day anyway, so I suppose I see there.. but yeah, some notification on the apps would be good :)

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