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Articles when discussing seasons

I'm currently on the seasons section of the course and it introduced the seasons as "a winter" and "a summer". This is generally not correct in English, although we do sometimes say "It is THE winter", but is this how it's used in Swedish - "It is the Spring" as opposed to "It is Spring"? My confusion mostly arises from the fact that they don't use articles with weekdays, months, etc. but for some reason do with seasons, e.g. "Det är söndag/Januari/etc." but for some reason "Det är våren"

January 11, 2015



I hope someone else will answer this, but I want to point out two things. When we introduce the seasons with images, we still want to teach them with the articles, since we feel you should always learn Swedish words along with their genders. This is the reason why it says things like a spring there.
We don't have a sentence "Det är våren", but we do have a sentence that says Det är vår, meaning It is spring.
You are right that there are some interesting differences in how articles are used with seasons in English and Swedish, but I hope someone else will come along and clarify them.


Thanks for answering all my questions Arnauti haha. I just happen to have a lot tonight I guess

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