Just joined- help?

I've just joined Duolingo and so far it's great but after reading some of the posts I get the sense I'm not utilizing many of the functions the program provides. Perhaps I'm not looking hard enough but is there a user guide somewhere?

7/27/2013, 4:57:58 AM


There is a FAQ in the tools drop down (on my PC it's the little gear at the top right).


7/27/2013, 6:19:44 AM

Thank you that was helpful. But tell me, so far the program hasn't asked me to speak or translate any passages like the ones I see in the Immersion section. Are the exercises we do in the game part helping with the translations in the Immersion section or are you directed to go to the Immersion section and translate once you've reached a certain skill level?

7/27/2013, 10:58:43 PM

Hard to say- that's really a matter of your own personal comfort level. Some folks jump into the immersion asap, some don't. The more you learn here, the more you'll seek other resources for knowledge as well. It's perfectly natural.


7/28/2013, 3:10:33 AM
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