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  5. "La ragazza mangia l'uovo."

"La ragazza mangia l'uovo."

Translation:The girl eats the egg.

July 27, 2013



Definitely heard "l'uomo" at first and not "l'uovo," thought that was pretty dark...


I listened to it several times, slowed down, and thought "well, ok, but it's not the kind of sentence I'd expect on DL..." Definitely sounded like l'uomo


Hahaha I heard the same thing, I even typed it! XD


Best! I had the same thought.


Me too I was like this is odd ..


You are not the only one who misheard. Even listening to the slow one sounds l'uomo than l'uovo.


lol did the same exact thing and typed it too


Why is it l'uovo and not un uovo?


L'uovo = the egg, un uovo = an egg


If you wanted to say eggs plural, would it be "gli uovo" or something else?


I did it right and still says im not...what happened here? I put la ragazza mangia l'uovo and the app said ibwas wrong???


When I click on the sound icon in the discussion it works, but when I click on the sound icon in the exercise itself, the sound does not work. This has been happening with all the exercises I have done in the food section during this lesson. Is anyone else having this problem of no sound?


She clearly says l'uomo (man) but it gives the correct answer as egg (l'uovo). I did put in l'uomo and it said I was correct but the printed answer was egg! Clearly there's an issue here.


My problem is my inability to distinguish the subtle difference between l and un following the verb ending


Does 'v' in italian sound like 'b'? I notice that when I'm speaking sometimes it doesn't accept the words unless I change the 'v' sound.


Come on.... one extra g in ragazza!!!! Argh!


Shouldn't it be correct to translate "La ragazza mangia l'uovo." as "The girls eats an egg", because the sentence don't say a thing about specific egg? Like la/una and the/an meant opposite things in both languages.


I don't understand what you try to say about articles meaning opposite things in both languages but you are mistaken. Please read about the articles in the "Tips and notes" of chapter "Basics 1" (website). La raggaza mangia l'uovo = The girl eats the egg. La raggaza mangia un uovo = The girl eats an egg. BTW the girls eat = le ragazze mangiano.

Some helpful links read in other discussion to make the confusion even bigger ;-) : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/1012366 and https://italian.stackexchange.com/questions/2013/why-is-the-il-or-la-used-everywhere


I agree this is a definite defect in DuoLingo - while theoretically they are correct about the definite and indefinite article being il/un etc, they are not taking account of the fact that these terms are used differently in different languages.


Which I get wrong maybe three times each lesson...

I am not sure how to correct this.


Wouldn't "an egg" also work?


The girl eats an egg is acceptable. . It says girl eats egg


It wouldn't accept "The kid eats the egg."


This sentence makes little sense in English, surely un uovo would be better fit.


I answered with the EXACT correct sentence and still got it wrong!! Come on!!

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