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"gillar" vs. "tycker om"

So, in an attempt to learn Swedish more naturally I added a lot of Swedish people on Facebook.

I have a couple of questions now, after translating a lot of their statuses:

  1. I almost never saw "tycker om", but rather "gillar" as "to like". What is a good explanation of this, and where would tycker om be more appropriate?

Example: "Hur många gillar mig 'som en vän och tycker att jag är en bra vän' kan gilla denna statusen." - Whoever likes me as a friend and thinks that I'm a good friend can like this status

In this context, they are using "like" in both a friendly and a Facebook context, but in both cases they are using "gillar".

  1. When I DID see tycker, as in above it was always as a standalone verb as "know" or "think". Can someone link me to a comprehensive analysis/discussion on the verb "tycker"? Because it seems to be a very versatile verb.

Good news, though, is that a LOT of English phrases translate almost directly into Swedish. It's super cool!

Example: "så kallas" - "so called" and there were others but I can't remember them now

January 11, 2015



You'll always see a lot of gillar on Facebook since they chose to call their like-function that in Swedish, quite sensible too since tycker om is more difficult to handle. So facebook-like is gilla in Swedish. You'll also hear people say or (even write) lajka for 'like'. 'Har du lajkat hennes sida?' 'Have you liked her page?'

Lundgren8 wrote something very helpful about verbs that mean know, think etc in Swedish here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5577824


bro what is up with you you all ways help people its crazy. Thanks for helping people. bro you are the legend 27, thank you


Read Arnauti's answer in the comment section. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5892480


So glad I found this!

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