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A video on the linguistic history of English...

Hey all,

I'd been looking around for something like this for a while, it helped me understand the relationship between English, German, and the Romance language much better.

Hopefully it can help out others as well in piecing together why some words sound similar among the languages and others don't.


The poster is a whole virtual course on linguistics, it looks rather well done.

Peace, Dan O.

July 27, 2013




Thanks for the link, but I get an error when trying to open it in youtube. Could you check it?

Thanks, P


Looks like I copied the https (secure http) URL, here's a more standard link: http://youtu.be/DlercYYY_VA


Thanks! Yes, it's a fascinating subject, and they do a whole series of 'e-lectures' that look very interesting. P


Interesting. I like stuff like that.


Really interesting! Thank you very much for sharing.


Thank you very much, very interesting!


and not a single mention of Shakespeare


I think that's more in the followup, the ME period and how English managed to survive 300 years of French dominance in England and grow to become a major language. Short-story, standardization from the printing press, great literary works (Canterbury Tales, Shakespeare, Etc), the translation of the Bible, and the spread of these things by ship to the colonies and other global trading partners.

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