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  5. "We jump into bed too soon."


"We jump into bed too soon."

July 27, 2013



Why does saltar not work for jump? That's the dictionary hover translation. I guess this is a set phrase that always uses pular?


Pular involves jumping in the same placing, not moving to another direction, or to jump over a thing. Saltar may also involves that, but it includes to get to another place by a jump. Plus, pular is used more often.


so... is there such a portuguese phrase that "nós pulamos para a cama..."? cos in my world if i jump into bed that means i practically really jump! :) anyway i just go to bed... to sleep... eu vou para a cama... eu vou dormir... whatever.


You may hear "pular na cama", but not used a lot. But, as in English, we say "pular da cama" (jump out of bed) more frequently.


Australian here. We jump everywhere. We "jump into bed", "jump into the car", "jump down to the shops", "jump 'round to the pub". We like jumping. Maybe it's the kangaroos.


i am hungarian and we are jumping everywhere often too, but never into bed, cos it is not logical, one is so tired that simply falls into it. except.... er, 18+, you mean, then jump is possible. :)

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