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Frustration with Android App

I use both the website and the Android App for my Duolingo experience, and while the Android App is conveniently portable, it can be very frustrating and needs work. For example, I have found that, in French, it will sometimes accept the "tu" form of an answer but reject the "vous" form, for no reason.

Today I translated "C'est une fête locale" as "It is a local fete" and was told the correct answer was "it is a local fest". What is a fest?

While you can raise queries or start discussions on the website, there is no facility for this on the App so no way of drawing Duolingo admin's attention to these errors.

July 27, 2013



i agree, i'd also like to have the ability to give feedback in the android and iphone apps. i guess i'm not the only one who enjoys duolingo on the go, but often i think i would've reported this on my computer...


fête = fest or party, The apps for both android and iphone are still being worked on, so they cannot expected to be perfect, but I believe they are in the progress of adding discussions to the apps. The android app is very new, I don't have it but apparently it hasn't quite caught up to the iphone app yet.


ha ha, depends on where you speak english, I'm from eastern canada and fest is a normal word to me, although you are right that more commonly festival is said, i see fest written often enough. _But I clicked on your app to see if you had had a similar problem to me. On my Android device it will often fail to dictate french? Often it doesn't matter how many time I click on the audio button, it will not load the sound. This has forced me to repeat many units again and again because you can't skip the audio lessons, leaving my ability to continue the lessons up to chance.


Yep, I'm in New Zealand, and I get that too on my itouch app (where it doesnt load audio), but I think it could just be lag because if I wait a bit it will eventually play.


I've only messed with the android app for one day and it seems to run smoothly. The only frustration I have (learning Spanish) is that the accents and other special characters are supposed to (I think) be reached by simply holding your finger on one of the regular characters. I have the swiftkey keyboard installed, however, and holding your finger on a regular character is already assigned to another special character so I have no way of typing accents or "enyes". This doesn't prevent you from using the app but it is a little annoying.


I have swift key too. You can add spanish as another language, so you'll have english/spanish layout at the same time. Prediction is pretty intelligent and will know whether you are typing English or Spanish. Another way is the to check "Theme Layout - Show foreign characters on long press" in some versions it is called "Accented characters"


Sweet! Thanks for that tip. Works great.


My issue with the App is that it lacks many of the features of the Browser-based version. It is difficult to learn a new language when there are no lessons or explanations on grammar or syntax. Which is why I only use the App for review.

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