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  5. "Moren forklarer drengen det."

"Moren forklarer drengen det."

Translation:The mother explains it to the boy.

January 11, 2015



Is this a common word order for doubly transitive verbs?


Could it be 'Moren forklarer det (på, til ...) drengen'.


I had the same doubt...isn't necessary "til" in this case?


If you want to use "til" then you have to change the word order: "Moren forklarer det til drengen"

The construction given in Danish works in the same way to "I'm giving the boy an explanation", where "the boy" is the thing receiving "the explanation" and is synonymous with "I'm giving an explanation to the boy". It just doesn't work with the verb "to explain" in English but works with "at forklare" in Danish

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