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To use the participle in Dutch?


How do I use the participle in Dutch?

Is it like:

I am trapped like a goldfish.

Ik ben gevangen zoals een goudvis.

Or am I totally wrong?

Online it shows two words, gevangen and vangend...which is correct?


January 11, 2015



Hi Sam! Yes, you are using the participle correctly. The word order can be a little different from the one in English, with the participle coming after the direct and indirect object.

  • Ik heb hem een boek gegeven - I have given him a book

"Gevangen" and "vangend" are, respectively, the past participle (trapped) and the present particle (trapping). They are both correct, but used in very different situations.


Bedankt, Simius!

To make sure I have grasped the concept right, can you check these please?

De film is gemaakt in Parijs / De film is in Parijs gemaakt.

(the film is made in Paris)

De hond was gevonden .

(the dog was found)

Mijn hart was gebarsten zoals een grote balloon.

(my heart was burst like a great balloon)


Yep, all of those are good!

Als, these are all using the passive voice, which has some more subtleties in Dutch (especially regarding tenses and the continuous aspect), but that's another big topic.

[deactivated user]

    Hey sam,

    You use it correctly. "vangend" is a bit of a weird suggestion because you would only be able to use it if you would say something like: "cathing a fish i was walking to the boat" or something. een vis vangend, liep ik naar de boot. It is a weird sentence in English and in Dutch because you don't often use the wordt cathing or vangen like that.

    Hope it helps!

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