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Hi Everyone, The Spanish we learn in Duolingo as is it American Spanish would there be difficulties speaking Spanish in spain.Also,how fluent would you say a person is in level 6 ( conversation wise)?What is the tree Gracias

3 years ago


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I learnt a little Spanish on Duolingo but mostly learnt by reading books so I can't really compare fluency to the tree. But I imagine from experience with Dutch it's a bit more than basic, but a very long way to fluency. Even a full tree often isn't fluent.

There are regional differences to Spanish. There is no 'American Spanish', however, really. It's more like 'Mexican Spanish', 'Argentinian Spanish', 'Caribbean Spanish', etc, since it changes regionally. I would say the difference is more so than the difference between UK English and US English, but I know Spanish people who can communicate to Mexicans totally fine despite the small differences.

One major difference is 'ustedes' and 'vosotros', both mean 'you all' but it can vary depending who you speak to and where.

Speaking to a group of children (in Spain): vosotros

Speaking to a group of children (in Latin America): ustedes

Speaking to a group of strangers (in Spain): ustedes

Speaking to a group of strangers (in Latin America): ustedes

Also there are words used colloquially and dialectally in the regions. Like in England you say 'pavement' but 'sidewalk' in America. Or it is more common to greet someone with 'Alright?' in England than the Americanism 'What's up'.

Some helpful phrases I used in Spain:

Perdone, ¿como puedo ir a ___?

Pardon, how do I get to ___?

¿Tienes ___?

Do you have ___?

¿Hablas Inglés?

Do you speak English?

¿A cuánto está/n el/la/los/las ___?

How much is/are the ___?

La cuenta, por favor.

The bill, please.

Hope this helped a little.

3 years ago


OK: There would be almost no mishaps in Spanish in Spain, as they are very similar. Check out some off the differences here-http://spanish.about.com/cs/historyofspanish/f/varieties.htm. How fluent would you be? Depends. Someone who is farther in their lessons (the tree) and does not review as much will be farther and have learned more for their level. I tend to review a lot, and with my level 6 in German, cannot quite have a conversation, but understand most of what I have learned, and understand some important grammatical points. iF you need any Spanish help, please ask me,or anyone else on the forum. most users are very helpful! What is the tree? The tree is the entire lessons, so the Duolingo course is called a tree.

Happy learning!

3 years ago


Level 6 is no fluent.

And no, you would have no problem at all on speaking the Latin-American Spanish in Spain. Just very rarely you'd have to ask "excuse me, what does 'chido' (for example) mean?" :)

3 years ago