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"Det historiske ur vil ikke virke."

Translation:The historical clock will not work.

January 11, 2015



is 'does' interchangeable for 'will'?


Would "function" be a better translation for the work "virke"? Because I am assuming the words "virke" and "arbejde" are not interchangeable.


That's correct.


Is there a rule (maybe in English) about when we use historic vs historical? I seem to be constantly getting it wrong.


They are different but both work, and have the same Danish translation (historisk). You can read the differences here


Duo Lingo! please introduce 'antique' for anything ancient that's not a document..


Why historiske and not historiskt if ur is indefinite( "et ur")?


When you say "ur is indefinite", I guess you mean ur is NEUTER GENDER because it has "et" instead of "en" (as an indefinite article). Both et and en are indefinite articles.

In short; et & en are indefinite articles, det/den/de are definite articles.

If you are looking for an answer why it was "historiske" and not "historiskt" in this example:
When the article is definite (det= THE/THAT), no matter what the noun is, any adjective before is written as the plural form of that adjective -> det historiske ur (THE/THAT historical clock). Whereas if the article is indenifinite (et=A/AN) the adjective before the noun is formed according to the indefinite article et-> et historiskt ur (a historical clock).


Er det Jens Olsens Verdensur?! :n(( Jeg håber ikke.

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