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  5. "I want to do it more often."

"I want to do it more often."

Translation:Jag vill göra det oftare.

January 11, 2015



Quite confused by this one. Why isn't 'den' acceptable in this case?


Then you’re referring to a specific thing with an en-gender. Here you rather refer to an action or some sort of generic experience, and then you use a generic det.


Ah, ok, but in that case 'den' may be grammatically correct depending on the context?

eg, That pizza was good. I want to make it more often.


In that case you have to refer to something specific, you can’t be making the same pizza but perhaps if we’re talking about a specific type of something. Like a type of soup. You could say: Den här soppan var god. Jag vill göra den igen. Then it works, because you’re referring back to a specific type of soup. But as soon as you’re speaking generically, you have to use det. See Blehg’s post here.


And why not "oftast" ?


oftast means "the most often" or "usually", not just "more often".

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