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"Is Holland hetzelfde als Nederland?"

Translation:Is Holland the same as the Netherlands?

January 11, 2015



As a Dutch citizen from Groningen I don't feel the need to correct people although I wouldn't say I'm a "Hollander". We all know what you mean and it's easier to say "Holland" than "the Netherlands"


Although to annoy non-Hollanders, you can say it is.


Very interesting and a bit complicated video! Unfortunately, we call your country "Holandia" in Polish :(


That's because it really is complicated. The main part to remember is that Holland are two provinces (Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland) and the Netherlands is the whole country (all twelve provinces).

Polish is not the only language to do so…:( I wouldn't be surprised if variations on Holland are more common than variations on Nederland or low country in most languages. At least our neighbours got it right, Niederlande in German and Pays-Bas in French, now only to teach English speakers to use the Netherlands, and then all other languages. :)


In Portuguese, it's way more common to hear "Holanda" than "Países Baixos" (literally: "Low Countries"), unfortunately. Actually, most people use to think that "Países Baixos" concerns more than one country (usually the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg), since the name comes in a plural form. This misconception is quite difficult to change. :(


Further complication/possibly clarification:

In the Netherlands we make the following distinction: Holland is the two provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. Nederland is the name of our country. De lage landen (the low lands) are the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg put together.

So, when in your language "Nederland" is called "the low lands", both that and the group of countries would be correct.


"The Netherlands" is plural because when it was first formed it was a group of provinces uniting (it still is), just like how america is called "The united states of America".


Well it's not super wrong, just a bit outdated. There have been some times in history the 3 were one country (if you're interested, best read up on it and don't ask me for details, too many changes, splits, re(unions) etc.). :)


I'll just keep quiet about that neighbour thing...


:)…well I can let you into a little secret, a fair share of your compatriots have French as their native language, the area the majority of them live even borders the Netherlands. :P

The term "zuiderburen" is still reserved for Belgium, don't worry.


But the situation (in Polish) is better when it comes to the name of your language - we can say "holenderski", but "niderlandzki" is even more correct.


In Turkish it is "Hollanda"

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