"I see him clearly."

Translation:Jag ser honom tydligt.

January 11, 2015

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I am puzzled. I thought the adverb has to follow immediately after the verb. Can someone help me please.


I thought tydligt was the adjective and tydligtvis was the adverb. No? Doesn't "Jag ser honom tydligt" translate to "I see him clear"? Thanks.


tydligtvis is always an adverb, but tydligt can be either an adjective in the ett form, or an adverb. It is a much more common adverb than tydligtvis, and there's a difference in meaning – tydligt means 'clearly' as in 'in a clear fashion', but tydligtvis means 'obviously', so it wouldn't describe 'how you see him' in this sentence, it would be a comment on the whole phrase instead.

If you'd like to say I see him clear, meaning 'I see him and he is clear' that would be Jag ser honom klar, because then it would be an adjective describing him, not 'the way in which you see him'.


Great as usual. Thanks even after 4 or 5 years. I manew at Duo but you are a great teacher.


Varför ställer "tydligt" inte efter ser?


So I clearly see him would translate to jag ser tydligtvis honom. Correct?


No, "tydligtvis" means something like "evidently" or "apparently".


I was thinking more along the lines of "obviously" (see Arnauti's comment above). You know "The Princess Bride"? "Australia, as you know, is populated by criminals, and criminals are not used to being trusted, as I am not trusted by you, so I clearly cannot choose the wine in front of me." Or something like that ...


Personally, I think tydligtvis is weaker than obviously, and I would probably use "uppenbarligen", "självklart" or "självfallet" instead.


I agree. I think I rarely ever use the word tydligtvis at all myself. Tbh I think it's one of those words that I don't really know what they're good for. There's tydligen, and there are the ones you mentioned, but tydligtvis?? I think it sounds somewhat formal without sounding elegant or intelligent. It's good for being snotty I guess… (Seriously, it's hard to think of all possible contexts, so there are probably some where it makes sense to use this word. But I bet they're very few).


Wow - you're quick! Thanks - good to know.


You may call me Zmrzlina the Lightning Moderator. ;)

You're welcome!


why is it not han and why is it honom. I dont really understand how to use these both


Han is 'he'; Honom is 'him'


Would "jag ser honom klart" work?


Could "Tydligt ser jag honom" be accepted?

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