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  5. "Hvilken én er din sandwich?"

"Hvilken én er din sandwich?"

Translation:Which one is your sandwich?

January 11, 2015



Huh, didnt know danish had é

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How do we put the mark over the "e"?


What keyboard are you using?

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PC, but it doesn't let me put special characters in the Duolingo space


You can change your keyboard on PC by going to Control Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Language -> Add a Language, then in the list, select "Danish" and you should be able to alternate between keyboards using the windows key + Spacebar (note this is using Windows 8.1, I have a feeling the process is similar, if I remember correctly, on Windows 7)

You can then add the accent over the é using the key to the left of the backspace (for me, using a UK keyboard, that's =) and then pressing "E"


You can press ALT + 130 (numeric keyboard) to produce an é (ASCII table based)


"PC" is not very specific. There are different keyboard layouts for different languages.

I apologize for relying on a stereotype, but for some reason I'm guessing you have US layout...


There is no mark over e in Danish its either a or o 'thats changed'


Yes there is.

And no, a and o are not changed but there are the letters æ and ø. You don't call "E" an "F changed by an extra line" either, do you?


Is "hvilken én" commonly used? It sounds so English to me, first time I hear it in any other Germanic language.


I never used to hear the word sandwich spoken in DAnish 16 years ago. It was smørrebrød or brød. But last we visited I noticed that there were actual sandwiches all over, so maybe smørebrød is on the way out?

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