"I walk in my golden shoes."

Translation:Jag går i mina gyllene skor.

January 11, 2015



Why is it that this sentence uses the possessive of shoes?

In previous sentence like this, the noun was indefinite eg. " Vad har du i fickorna?"

So why is this not " Jag går i gyllene skorna."

January 11, 2015


Probably because of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTFec_mrD-c :).

Diggi-loo diggi-ley alla tittar på mig
Där jag går i mina gyllne skor
Jag dansade omkring på gatan
Och hela världen den log
Diggi-loo diggi-ley himlen öppnade sig
Det är knappt man sina ögon tror
Åh, jag börjar nästan sväva
I mina gyllene skor

If not possessive, it should be "Jag går i gyllene skor" or "Jag går i de gyllene skorna".

January 11, 2015


Thanks for renewing this earworm ;)

January 11, 2015


What a great song, I am a fan now

August 13, 2018


Why can't I say "promenera" instead of "walk"?

August 7, 2018


That's more like taking a stroll.

April 7, 2019


I didn't remember "gyllene", so I put "gulda skor", and it corrected it to "guldskor". A couple of questions:

1) Is there something special about gold shoes that makes it a single word "guldskor"?

2) Is "gulda skor" wrong in general, or only wrong because "gulda" means "gold" instead of "golden"?

September 13, 2018


1) If you want to be picky about it, "guldskor" would be shoes made of gold while "gyllene skor" is more shoes with a golden colour, but "guldskor" could also be understood as gold coloured (and probably will in everyday conversation just because of the fact that it's highly unlikely you'd actually have shoes made of solid gold), so I don't think Duolingo is wrong.

2) Yes, "gulda shoes" is wrong in general. The translation of "gold" or "golden" as an adjective would be "guld-" or "gyllene", both of which you've already encountered. "Gulda" isn't a word at all. I could see it used as a made-up verb for making something golden, but that would be the equivalent of sticking "-ise" at the end of something in English to make a verb out of it.

November 15, 2018
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