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Opinion on the new skillpoints system.

In general I like the changes that duolingo has done, even the controversial new way of handling translations, but I have to disagree with the recent decision of adding all the skillpoints to rank the leaderboard. I´m studying french, and I enjoy some healthy competion with the people I´m following, now all of a sudden I found some of them with 40.000 + skill points because they are also practicing German or Spanish. I understand the idea of unifying the "currency" as much as posible, and maybe it is the right way to go, but you should be carefull with the inflation (just kiding) I don´t know I guess I liked to compete in a language vs language level.

November 10, 2012



This could be easily solved if Duolingo would add language filters, i.e. an option to: "Follow Only Languages I'm Learning [tick box]", or "Follow: French [X] German [X] Spanish [ ]" would just let me see French and German.

If I'm learning French and following someone who is also learning German and Spanish, I don't want to see their German / Spanish activities in my Stream, as this limits the number of other French learners I can follow. The Stream is big enough already.

Similarly, I would only want to see the skill points of those I'm following accumulated for my chosen language(s).

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I agree with 1km that the leadership board could be more streamlined and be more organized;

to my mind all the additional features on the right hand of main page only clog the system and lead to a visual overload;

do we really have to be reminded all the time what our competitors/followers are doing ?

I vote for a more purist approach that allows you to open/set the windows/information you want and not to be thrown into a "bonfire of vanities"


Where is that leaderboard? I can't find it. I can compare my ratings to the ratings of people I follow, next to each skill tree, but there I only see the ratings those users have for that specific language.


@jcbox - Friend Leaderboard - bottom right Home page. Maybe you haven't got it yet. Duolingo take a while to roll out "improvements" to all users.

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