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  5. "Det är en fråga om kultur."

"Det är en fråga om kultur."

Translation:It is a question about culture.

January 11, 2015



I used, "It is a question on culture," but it wasn't accepted (1/11/15). In English, we can use either about or on when culture is the subject of a question. "Of" is also possible, though it gives it a different meaning.


yes, I would be very interested which meaning the sentence has in swedish.. on/about culture, or of ..


In english, "question of" is some sort of phrase that has a particular meaning that I can't quite articulate, but it means something different from "question about". Does this sentence just mean "A question (about/on the topic of) culture"?


It can cover both, but most likely it's the first one.


Question about culture means you're asking someone about their culture - For instance, you're on the Navajo reservation and you're asking about the clothing. A question of culture means that people in certain parts of town, say, do something different than what you do- but it's something their culture does regularly - i.e. putting a shrine in your front yard to Our Lady of Guadelupe in Mexican or Yaqui areas of town in Tucson.


I wrote "matter of culture" and duo accepted it.


"It is a cultural question" was not accepted, and now I understand why, but can someone give me a translation of this?


Det är en kulturell fråga.


Duolingo stopped telling me about typos. I typed in Swedish "cultur" instead of "kultur" and my answer was accepted without mentioning the typo. This happens a lot lately and leads to learning the wrong spelling. When will this be fixed?


It's a sitewide issue, not specific to the Swedish course. I completely agree that it's very annoying, but it's something only developers - who don't read Swedish forum threads - can solve.


hmmmm....not sure if DL should accept both "of" and "about" in English. Which in Swedish seem to translate to the same "om" ...

But in Dutch it's quite different, ... and Swedish seems to know both "fråga om kultur" and "en kulturfråga" or "en kulturell fråga"

EN : It is a question OF culture (like in a discussion about principles) NL: Het is een kwestie van cultuur (bv. ❤❤❤ je werd opgevoed) SE : Det är en kulturfråga NL: het is een culturele kwestie (like in politics...should be allow certain things?) SE: Det är en kulturell fråga

EN: It is a question ABOUT (or ON) culture (like in a quiz) NL: Het is een vraag betreffende cultuur SE: Det är en fråga om kultur

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