"Det är en fråga om kultur."

Translation:It is a question about culture.

January 11, 2015

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I used, "It is a question on culture," but it wasn't accepted (1/11/15). In English, we can use either about or on when culture is the subject of a question. "Of" is also possible, though it gives it a different meaning.


yes, I would be very interested which meaning the sentence has in swedish.. on/about culture, or of ..


I wrote "matter of culture" and duo accepted it.


In english, "question of" is some sort of phrase that has a particular meaning that I can't quite articulate, but it means something different from "question about". Does this sentence just mean "A question (about/on the topic of) culture"?


It can cover both, but most likely it's the first one.


Question about culture means you're asking someone about their culture - For instance, you're on the Navajo reservation and you're asking about the clothing. A question of culture means that people in certain parts of town, say, do something different than what you do- but it's something their culture does regularly - i.e. putting a shrine in your front yard to Our Lady of Guadelupe in Mexican or Yaqui areas of town in Tucson.


Duolingo stopped telling me about typos. I typed in Swedish "cultur" instead of "kultur" and my answer was accepted without mentioning the typo. This happens a lot lately and leads to learning the wrong spelling. When will this be fixed?


It's a sitewide issue, not specific to the Swedish course. I completely agree that it's very annoying, but it's something only developers - who don't read Swedish forum threads - can solve.


"It is a cultural question" was not accepted, and now I understand why, but can someone give me a translation of this?


Det är en kulturell fråga.

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