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Italian Quizlet Sets

Since for some odd reason duoLingo left out learning games (the activity is becoming a bit boring, and yet I still need to go over and over vocabulary - if I have to go through the tree levels again, I'll stab myself), so I thought I'd go over to quizlet and see if there are some good sets.

Searching for Italian - brings back over 5,000 sets.. searching for DuoLingo Italian also brought back way too many sets. (Quizlet support informed me that yes, someday they will have a filter, but not today.)

So, is there a good DuoLingo Italian blog where someone posts valuable items like how to find the stuff that DuoLingo left out (like vocab games)? Does anyone know of a good set to search for in Quizlet with a large Italian vocabulary list?

Thanks much! Al

January 11, 2015


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