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Screen keeps freezing

The screen has frozen at the end of a quiz for the second time in about 20 minutes - that's twice in three tests that I have completed today where the screen has frozen and refused to recognize that I have completed the level. I realize that sometimes i click the return key a bit to quickly and the screen freezes, but this time, i clicked on "continue" with the cursor using the mousepad.

This is getting really really annoying.

"Reporting a problem" and "quit" are the only buttons that work right now. "Check" is greyed out. Also, I am using a mac, if that makes any difference.

January 11, 2015



If you have turned off or lost internet or wi-fi connection while doing a lesson this may occur. The only thing to do is to restart the lesson unfortunately. Happy learning.


I have noticed this on and off over the last few weeks. Duolingo seems to have some capacity issues which causes slowdown of the servers when many users are logged in.


I just started Duo Lingo and have had this happen a few times, more and more often in last two sessions. Today twice trying to get through last session the screen freezes on the same page and nothing works. Tried to refresh to no avail. Didn't want to redo lesson, but have done so twice now..no, have ATTEMPTED to do so twice now. Next time I sign in, will attempt to test out of this session and hope this problem will be solved soon by operations. Just want to add that we didn't have any other wifi problems at that time and could pull up other tabs on my pc with no problem and see a strong signal. Thanks.

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