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Voice recognition

Although my language acquisition has always been slow, my accents have always been very good. I find it curious that in the two Duolingo programs I am doing, it is better for voice recognition to repeat the sentence back very slowly, without the music of the language. It sounds a little like the halting word-for-word audio option that is offered as an alternative for listening. Do I just have a bad microphone? Does it help us to learn an accent when we speak this way? I don't mean to complain......this is a good program and a great idea. I'm just curious about the voice recognition aspect.

November 10, 2012



I disabled my microphone long ago when it refused to accept my german sentence and instead took "I'm a pink elephant"(plus I live with seven noisy roomates). I figured it was just to be used as a way to compare your own pronunciation to hers.


Yes, I came to this conclusion as well and disabled the microphone. I benefit by having more questions per lesson that deal with comprehension.


Nope, your microphone is probably fine, but the voice recognition is very poor. Drives me crazy sometimes.

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