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  5. "A resposta é emprego."

"A resposta é emprego."

Translation:The answer is employment.

July 27, 2013



I wrote "the answer is a job" and lost a heart, apparently I should have written "the answer is job" which doesn't make sense in Inglês


yes, same here. "The answer is job" is not a correct english sentence - also not sure what it should mean.


"The answer is work." is also accepted and makes more sense in English than "job" in this sentence. "Employment" also makes sense, but it is a new meaning for us. I will note that for future.


It is accepted now 09/16/14


What are hearts on duolingo?


It's the old system they used. Back in the day, you got three hearts at the start of every lesson, if you answered incorrectly you lost one and if you lost them all you failed and had to start from the beginning.


That's a good question! I've never encountered any hearts in any of the Duolingo modules or exercises in more than a year, but people often get upset when awkward translations cause them to lose one. I have no idea what that means.


You have hearts when testing out on a desktop browser, but not when casually learning. Also, I think iOS uses hearts, too.


I agree on that. I wrote "the reply is job" and it didn't work either.


"The response is job" is probably the weirdest "correct" answer I've ever been awarded. Funny how sometimes literal translations are OK even when they're somewhat nonsensical. :-D


"The answer is job" ?


maybe it is a part of a regular conversation ! : +What is the most indispensable element of industrialized economies? -Production? +No -Investment? +No. -Then what is it ? +A resposta é "emprego" :) Just an opinion :)


That's fine but that should be translated as "The answer is employment", and definitely not "The reply is job."


please WHY do you not use the article before the noun it doesn't make sense in English It could be a job or the job how ate we meant to know?


Actually, the best English translations to this exercise are, jobs, work, or employment. No articles.

Languages simply do not transfer directly. That is something we have to accept if we are ever going to master another one.

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DuoLingo is presenting "emprego" as "job, jobs, or employment." Is this correct? It seems there should be a distinction between singular and plural. And isn't there a different word for employment?


job and employment are the same in Portuguese (for instance: employment agency = agência de emprego)


Maybe I'm missing something but "emprego" is singular, ie "job". The plural "jobs" would be "empregos".


'Employment is the answer' - should be a viable option too - this is how many British speakers would phrase it


so emprego= employment, trabalho = work/ job?


How do we stop people getting into trouble? "Work is the answer" should also be accepted.


Duo generally does not accept such different word orders (or we'd be here all day coming up with new ways to say things in both languages). Also, the computer "incubator" is only able to accept a limited amount of correct answers.

So, "the answer is work/employment" is closer to the translated text.

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