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German beginner stories (Link in comments)


I read Rumpelstilzchen as a level 11, and I found it fairly easy to read...

All the stories have English translations, so you can check your progress as you go.

Viel Glück!

January 11, 2015



Thank you for posting this!


This is awesome! I checked it out and I saw it even has an audio thingy with it! Danke!


Hello, everyone! I learnt German in High school for a few years but I have forgotten most of it by now. I wish to actively contribute and learn from this wonderful, vibrant community. I have made this account today and am still trying to work my way around this site. All help would be appreciated. Danke!


Welcome Sawan! Take your time exploring the site and enjoy yourself! I am sure you may have questions that come up, so feel free to ask questions here. The people on these language forums are very helpful and friendly. :)


No problem, they are fun to read:) and confidence boosting


Danke, sie sind sehr gut


it's great, tanx for sharing.


Thanks! This will be good practice.


Wow thanks this is a great help! I've been meaning to look up something like this. Thanks for doing the work. (;


This is a great link, thanks for posting! Children's stories will be a great help for my German. Danke!


Thanks for posting it. I have started German only for a few days but it is already saved on my favorite list. So when I develop my skills I'll have something to read


Thanks! This is awesome! I think this will help me a lot as I'm learning German. ^.^


Good luck to all of you with your German! I will wish myself good luck too because I am starting to get some harder lessons, eeek! :)


This is great, thanks. It'll definitely motivate to get up to Level 11 at the least.


danke!!! very useful this link!! love


danke!!! very useful this link!! love


Thanks! I was looking for something like this


Das is gut! Danke!


This link is great, danke!


I understood Rumpelstilzchen easily! There was only one tiny bit I couldn't at least guess from the context. Great confidence booster (I took german classes in University and use duolingo just for vocabulary and practice, so my skills don't really represent a "level 11.") Thanks for posting


I am the opposite...my (very beginner) skills do not feel like I am level 12. I feel like I am at level 2 on a bad German day. :) Ahh, so much to learn...


Agreed ajapam, I love the site too. It is a very nice confidence booster, as you said, and so nice to have the audio while I read the story. The word list that comes with each story is a terrific help too!


Thank you so much! You're the first person I ever gave a lingot to. :-) I've been frustrated with some "beginner" German books that were way over my head, but I just read that first chapter of Jack and the Beanstalk without hardly having to check the vocab list at all, and I feel really accomplished!


Danke! Glad it helps!


Thank you very much! Bookmarked :D

I'm sorry, but where are the translations? I can only find a small vocabulary list at the end of each tale.

Anyway, great place to practice some reading!


There should be a little popup on the bottom of the page asking if you want to translate it to English:) at least that is what shows up on my phone


Oh wow, I didn't even realize you could access an English translation of these stories! I was just happy to see the children's stories WITH audio and a helpful word list. Again, great site Bacon Raptor...as you can see by the jillions of posts, this one is a hit. :)


Danke! Glad everyone likes it!


Superb!!!! Viele Danke..... EXACTLY what I was looking :-)


awesome, thank you!

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