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Translations which are very long

I seem to notice that though for short pieces the translations seems to work well for longer ones there are areas which could be improved:

firstly i think that the points for completing an article should probably scale with the size of the article to give people more incentive to finish them. Otherwise they might be liable to pass a longer one over and do a more popular one instead, leaving longer ones neglected.

Perhaps also that sentences which have been checked only a little should give you slightly more points and be coloured differently, so that if one only has a limited time, one can pop to the coloured ones to target where it is needed.

any thoughts? suggestions?

July 27, 2013



Also, it would be great if one could decide when uploading what part of a page should be translated. e.g. the wikipedia articles we don't need to translate all references and such.


Ya, the references are really annoying.


Re: sentence coloring, we do display sentences that need further checking in a lighter color in the right pane of the side-by-side view (click "Translation" at the top).


o, i didn't know that... why not in the normal view as well, say color them pink?


This is a general problem across Duolingo, that they treat all sentences equally when they're not. While you're speaking about translating articles, this is also why I stopped doing the timed practices. Once you get to a certain level in a language, your success in timed practices become a function of how many long sentence Duolingo decides to throw at you. Even if it is an easy sentence, that it's a long sentence means you'll take longer to type it and make more mistakes that you'll need to correct, because Duolingo does not tolerate mistakes at all, even if the sentence you're typing is in your native tongue. However, the amount of time you'll get back is the same as a two word sentence.


yeah that:), i with longer sentences like that even if i know the answer i usually just type in a single letter and press enter, faster than skip, because most of the time i get it wrong anyway, and even if i do get it right, it's only barely worth the effort to type it, 7 seconds:(

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