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  5. "He will never make his bed."

"He will never make his bed."

Translation:Hij zal zijn bed nooit opmaken.

January 11, 2015



I just now realized the ambiguity of the english translation...

Is he going to make(build) his bed? Or make it tidy?

Dutch has a better way to say it than english :D


Why does the sentence: "Hij gaat nooit zijn bed maken" not work? I also learned in my dutch class that the simple past is used by dutch people with the form "gaan + infinitive". The form "zullen + inf" is either very formal or means should do sth. Could anyone correct or confirm me ? Thx :)


Hij gaat nooit zijn bed maken and Hij gaat zijn bed nooit maken are both fine. I think you meant simple future in your second sentence, in that case you're right it is explained on this great site.


Oh yes, I meant "simple future". Dank je wel!


What does adding the op to maken do? Or to any verb for that matter


Opmaken is a verb that means to make your bed. If you drop the "op-", the sentence changes its meaning and becomes "I will repair my bed". In general the prefix op- has a connotation of moving something upwards (opstaan - to get up, optillen - to lift), but not always (opvouwen - to fold multiple times, and of course opmaken).

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