"Vi har ett prov i dag."

Translation:We have an exam today.

January 11, 2015

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Can't "i dag" be written in a single word?


Yes, both "idag" and "i dag" should be accepted.


What is the difference between 'exam' and 'prov'? I know you guys say you 'took the exam' meaning graduating from the university; however, I am not sure what exactly you mean, and what that is.


Do you mean between Swedish "examen" and prov", or English "exam"?

In Swedish, "examen" means "degree" as in the Bachelor's/Master's degrees that you can get after a certain amount of studying at the uni.


I meant the Swedish one without knowing the word itself is 'examen' in bare form. So, it has nothing to do with taking a huge graduation exam or the like as I imagined? :D


The word examen only refers to the degree in itself. It's used only for the degrees you get in tertiary education and above (college/academy/university etc).

Of course, there is usually some thesis that you have to write or some project that you have to do depending on what you study, but as far as the meaning of the word goes, it's just about the fact that you've graduated whatever education you're referring to.


Is 'We have one test today' incorrect?


It is accepted now. Although en/ett means both a/an and one, it's basically always the safer way to go for a/an unless there is strong reason not to.


How do you pronounce prov?


i got this as a listening exercise and incorrectly typed "vi har ett provig dag" and it accepted it despite that being very wrong (i think?)


A test is wrong as opposed to an exam?

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